TikTok Users Stay Longer, Engage Often & Feel Happier

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TikTok users feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction when using the platform and consider it “time well spent.”

They visit TikTok to connect with others, find inspiration and feel happy. The platform offers a positive experience, which is why people scroll further and continue to use it. They are more engaged and attentive. TikTok’s positive vibes encourage users to act, whether it be by participating in hashtag challenges or exploring new products.

That’s the core of what TikTok learned via a new survey of 7,000 global TikTok users, in partnership with data and insights firm Kantar.

“They come to TikTok for the community, stay for the creativity, and leave feeling happy and inspired. People love the positive experience that our platform provides, so they scroll longer and dive deeper.”


Nothing surprising here. TikTok’s ever-expanding library of video clips has helped to increase its popularity. It’s a nice change from many other apps which provide a constant stream of depressing news updates.

Other key findings in the report include:

  • TikTok users spend more time using it than other entertainment options such as watching TV, listening to podcasts, streaming videos, or reading.
  • TikTok’s algorithms are highly tuned to keep users logged in, interacting with one another, and “looking for more fun,” with a higher attention rate than other video platforms.
  • TikTok encourages people to take action. Users find endless inspiration, joy, and creativity that is tailored to their needs. It’s a positive experience that inspires people to take action and join the fun. For brands, TikTok can make a significant impact by having a proactive population.

TikTok is a positive, uplifting experience — and when brands connect with this feeling of happiness, their messages can resonate with audiences around the world.

Use these valuable tips to help shape your TikTok advertising strategy. For more, you can check out TikTok’s full report here or take a look at the infographic highlights below.

How People Spend Their Time on TikTok

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