Are You Using the Best Pinterest Image Sizes?

8 minutes

Pinterest is a great place to advertise your brand online.

It’s the world’s 14th most popular social network and has around 454 million active monthly users.

Pinterest image size is a key factor in boosting performance for brands on the platform. The correct image dimensions will help you attract and convert your target audience more readily.

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A Business Guide to Pinterest [Infographic]

2 minutes

You need to start using Pinterest for business!

Why? Because this social media marketing resource is largely untapped and could be the best place to promote your brand to a niche market that’s willing to spend.

People on Pinterest are open-minded and undecided and eager for new ideas. They want to hear from you. Brand content doesn’t interrupt on Pinterest — it inspires.

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10 Ways to Increase Social Media Reach & Engagement

2 minutes

Are you using social media marketing to extend your brand’s reach?

If so, you’re probably using more than one platform. Twitter and Facebook are the most prominent social media networks, but others like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube are very valuable channels as well.

If you are searching for ways to amplify your social media marketing activities and improve customer engagement, these 10 tips will help.

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