5 Hashtags You Should Use on LinkedIn [Infographic]

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With the growing popularity of LinkedIn, hashtags are becoming a vital part of marketers’ social media strategies on the platform.

Marketers use hashtags to increase brand visibility on social media platforms. Your audience might not see your posts if you don’t use them, so you’ll miss out on engagement.

Research shows that posts on LinkedIn with at least three hashtags are 10% more popular than those without. This demonstrates how important it is to include them in posts, campaigns, and overall social media marketing strategies.

If you haven’t used hashtags on LinkedIn, it can be hard to know where to begin.  

  1. #Innovation — Used to discuss new startups or businesses with unique products or services
  2. #DigitalMarketing — Used to discuss anything related to digital, such as social media and online marketing campaigns
  3. #Creativity — Used to discuss branding and storytelling within the industry
  4. #Marketing — Used to refer to the industry as a whole and anything about marketing
  5. #SocialMedia — Used to discuss popular social media platforms and developments, as well as content and campaigns
5 Hashtags You Should Use on LinkedIn [Infographic]

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