12 Boosts That Actually Speed Up Your Campaign Content Delivery [Infographic]

Marketing is a sport — speed of delivery matters.

Standing out from your competition requires flawless execution and agility in today’s complex and fast-paced market.

Your prospects want to educate themselves about your products, but connecting them with the relevant content they need to make an informed decision can take weeks or months.

So how can you accelerate the creation of content experiences that build meaningful relationships with your audience?

The infographic below from Uberflip describes 12 ways you can speed up your campaign delivery. It focuses on speed optimizations in four areas: agility, scalability, engagement, and intelligence. Here are the highlights:

Be Agile

Your audience’s need for content can change in a heartbeat. Of course, you likely already have what they need, but finding it means scouring disparate platforms, channels, and teams.

You can’t share what you can’t find. When your content is scattered across your organization, it results in wasted time, duplicated efforts, and content that never finds its way to your potential buyer.

To enhance your agility:

1. Centralize your content library: Create one searchable library so everyone on your team knows where to find things.

2. Create a content taxonomy: Create primary categories to quickly group related pieces across all of your content.

3. Tag your content: Tag and organize consistently so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Be Scalable

People expect relevant content — they want it NOW. You don’t have the time to personalize everything manually.

Get rid of limitations and workflow bottlenecks to help your teams hyper-personalize at scale and quickly get new campaigns out the door.

4. Leverage intelligent recommendations: Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), serve content recommendations that keep your buyers engaged.

5. Curate relevant content: Use intent data to understand your buyers’ needs and curate relevant content collections for them using your tagged content.

6. Personalize smarter, not harder: Automate the creation of personalized landing pages for account-based marketing (ABM) and demand generation campaigns.

Be Engaging

Your target audience expects more than a canned pitch, but your marketing team can’t create 1:1 landing pages for every single sales conversation.

Eliminate alignment obstacles by empowering your sales team to find the right content and publish hyper-relevant buyer engagement destinations in minutes.

7. Share the wealth: Give salespeople on-demand access to your content library so they can self-serve relevant pieces.

8. Choose the right tech stack: Select platforms that enable Sales to self-publish personalized landing pages without having to wait for your marketing team.

9. Empower Sales: Equip them with real-time insight into which content their buyers find most engaging.

Be Intelligent

Traditional lead scoring doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, understand the impact of content along your buyer’s journey and how it’s impacting your pipeline and revenue.

10. Give up vanity metrics: Focus on how your top-performing channels, content, and CTAs drive outcomes.

11. Track bingeing behavior: Go beyond linear scoring and measure “items per session” to discover how your audience binges content.

12. Map content paths: Understand how your visitors are moving through content to design better experiences.

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