Ensure Your Brand’s Future via Content Marketing

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As the economy slowly returns to “normal,” the reality is that the business landscape is anything but.

Many parts of the globe are now in a post-pandemic rebuilding phase. This will lead to increased economic growth and investment. It will also provide new opportunities for many businesses to solidify their branding and expand their operations.

Content marketing rose in popularity due to its ability to address the need to be discoverable in search, create social media engagement, and convey trust that builds affinity and loyalty. The societal changes that have taken place during the pandemic need to be reflected in your ongoing inbound strategy.

New content marketing strategies are needed

As Jane Fleming points out on LinkedIn:

Customers’ needs might be changing, but they still depend on you to anticipate and solve those needs at every stage of their journey. Smart, strategic marketing fosters those important connections with customers and focuses on mental availability (the likelihood that your brand will come to mind when they’re ready to buy). 

To accomplish this, you might need to change your content marketing approach in order to appeal to the new market. Because of the pandemic-inspired changes, audience priorities and perceptions are evolving, businesses that have been impacted will be less likely to receive investment funding, and communication methods may need to change.

LinkedIn has created a new infographic to assist with this task. It includes tips and tricks on how to improve your digital marketing and branding strategy along with notes on how to create a central content plan that will help you solidify your brand messaging. Content marketing pointers include:

  • Incorporate emotions, generosity, and humor in your messaging to appeal to today’s audience
  • Create more empathetic video content to convey personal rapport and engage your audience in a more immersive and visual way
  • Continue to invest in social media content — use of social media platforms increased 21% during the pandemic and is still rising
  • Reevaluate your ads for relevance in today’s turbulent marketplace

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