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My articles help businesses optimize their brands, create customer engagement, and drive sales. I have taught thousands of people over the years how to create, manage, and measure inbound marketing initiatives — including social media marketing, content marketing, and branding.

I am the principal at Hughes Media, LLC, where I help clients accelerate their results by growing their reach in the digital space. I am the former Marketing Chief at Agile Alliance, a nonprofit that supports and serves the Agile Community. During my tenure there, I generated, oversaw, and executed global marketing plans and initiatives for the organization and all international events, both in-house and external. My integrated marketing programs grew conference attendance 79% and grew members and subscribers 330%.

I had a popular blog and a major Twitter presence from 2009 until 2016, which I discontinued. I’m happy to be back and working on new content.

I’m proud to have been recognized as #24 on Forbes’ list of Top 50 Global Social Media Power Influencers of 2013. I am honored to have been included with such an illustrious group. [I used to be known as Pam Dyer, which is how I’m listed there.]

I never use affiliate links for products and services I write about or recommend, so there’s nothing here that will compromise your experience.

Want to connect elsewhere online? I’m on LinkedIn and have created a new Twitter account where I’m posting useful marketing content.